Arri SRH3

SRH-3 3-Axis Stabilised Remote Head

The new Stabilized Remote Head SHR-3 fills a niche while offering top quality and performance. The SRH-3 is a three-axis fully stabilized remote head allowing for cameras to go where no person can with increased flexibility and ease. Whether it be on set, in a studio, or at an event, ARRI’s new intelligent and adaptive Stabilized Remote Head SRH-3 has the full force of ARRI technology behind it.

*High payload*

The SRH-3 can take up to 30kg (66lbs)

*Wider inner ring*

The SRH-3 got a wider inner ring, which will make camera setup even easier and faster. Also using the ALEXA 65 will be easier.

*New adaptive motor power management*

The SRH-3 is equipped with a new motor controller, which offers up to 50kg of motor power when it comes to extreme centrifugal force or when very long camera setups have to be stabilised.

*Low weight*

The remote head is a very lightweight stabilised remote head. With only 9 kg, the SRH-3 is much lighter than comparable products and the SRH-3 can take 3 times more payload than its own weight.

*Extreme compact*

The form factor and the foot print of the SRH-3 is extreme compact. Taking the depth of the SRH-1 in consideration, the head is three times less in depth than the Movi XL Pro and two times less than the Scropio remote head.

*New remote control*

The SRH-3 set includes a completely new designed modular remote control board. The centre section of the panel dominated by the touch panel, which allows fast and easy access and programming of the SRH-23 head. An external PC is not needed anymore.

Freely programmable knobs and button allows fast and direct (analogue) access to the personal settings. The modular and symmetric design of the remote control board allows left and right handed work. The joystick can be used at the right or left sides of the console, as even two joysticks can be used if needed.


Together with the ARRI Vienna, the LBUS integration for the SRH-3 had been developed. This is the first CSS product and the first stabilised remote head on the market with integrated LBUS. To ensure a future proof and upgradeable workflow, the SRH-3 is using the ARRI radio module and is fully compatible to all electronic PCA components.

Arri SRH3


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