MoVI XL is the MoVI Pro's larger, more powerful brother, built to handle the biggest, heaviest, and most impressive camera packages used in cinema. Featuring a 22kg max payload.

*Completely Wireless*

No power conditioners, no wires, no hassle. MoVI XL is completely wireless for both command and power using the Freefly control ecosystem (MIMIC, MoVI Controller, Pilot) and our high power lithium batteries.

*Top / Bottom Mount*

Freefly invented the handheld stabilizer, and we have seen our customers mount the MoVI to just about anything and everything. MoVI XL is designed to mount in underslung or overslung mode without changing anything by flipping the roll axis over.

*Freefly Ecosystem*

MoVI XL is built to interface with the entire Freefly ecosystem. That means you can use MIMIC or MoVI Controller for gimbal pointing or camera control and hand the Pilot off to your 1st AC for FIZ control. -All wireless, and integrated into MoVI XL.


Freefly knows how to build lightweight gimbals… it’s kind of our ‘thing’. We carried the same design spirit into MoVI XL that we used on ALTA. The result is a high performance gimbal that is not bloated. This means you can travel freely, mount it to just about anything, and create world class content quickly and easily.

*MoVI XL Likes to Travel*

Filmmaking is a global sport. We built MoVI XL to travel easily and make your life as a gimbal tech more enjoyable. Fast pack-down and easy setup allow you to focus on the creative aspects of filmmaking.

*Quick Release*

Cameras need to move to create compelling imagery. The optional quick release allows operators to quickly move the MoVI XL from jib, to car, to tripod, to dolly, to camel, all without any tools.

*High Torque / Lightweight Motors*

Freefly designs all motors in-house to our exacting specifications. This allows us to create motors that are lightweight without sacrificing peak power. We optimize motor cooling under load to make sure MoVI XL can execute any shot you can dream up.

*Custom Drives*

Freefly specializes in field oriented motor control and developed the sinusoidal motor drives that can be found on the MoVI and ALTA. The technology we developed for these drives laid the foundation for the MoVI XL drive which is capable of 200W continuous and 500W peak power.

*100mph with Full Camera Package*

Custom motors, drives, and high power batteries allow MoVI XL to hit speeds of up to 100mph (160km/h) without sacrificing control or stability.

*1500W Peak Power*

Designing the XL from the ground up allows Freefly to create a completely wireless system that can deliver 1500W peak power while only weighing 25lbs. The power per pound on MoVI XL is off the charts…

*Accessory Power*

MoVI XL is designed to make camera and accessory setup painless. The dual 10Ah 22.2v batteries provide power for the MoVI XL and, as well as the following accessory ports and will run the system for up to 3+ hours


Freefly has tightly integrated the MoVI XL with RED cameras to allow users access to RED camera controls from six hundred feet away using MoVI Controller, Pilot, or MIMIC.

*Built in FIZ / Power*

MoVI XL features the world’s smallest, fully integrated, 3 axis lens control system built into the camera stage. Control all 3 channels with either the Pilot, MoVI Controller, MIMIC, or a combination of the 3 systems.

*Internal Wiring*

MoVI XL features internal wiring to prevent damage / snags during usage. We also included protective ‘e-chain’ for pan wiring and designed the wiring with serviceability and in-field replacement in mind. Each motor features a hollow shaft to allow users to easily route cables through the gimbal.

*Modular Construction*

MoVI XL features the modular and expandable design that Freefly is known for. This means users can tweak, tune, and adjust the MoVI XL for their specific application.

*2 Sec. Boot Time 10 Sec. Autotune*

Seconds count on set. MoVI XL boots in 2 seconds, and autotunes in 10 seconds. Go from zero to shooting in under 15 seconds.


MoVI XL features Freefly’s advanced Autotune which automatically finds optimal tuning and filter values in under 10 seconds. Tuning gains will no longer be a part of gimbal operations with MoVI XL.


MoVI XL updates camera pointing one thousand times per second. This means stable shots in the most demanding environments.


MoVI Pro

£ 250

DJI Ronin M

£ 80
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