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MoVI Pro

MoVI Pro is the most advanced camera movement system ever created. It offers industry leading performance, flexibility, and ease of use. MoVI Pro is a small, lightweight, portable system that allows users to create world class production quality content quickly and easily.

Innovative Structure
A redesigned structure improves performance and adds capabilities to increase the MoVI Pro’s usability, convenience, strength, & adaptability.

Embedded Display
The addition of an embedded display with a 4-button control system gives users command over basic tuning and adjustments on the fly without the need for additional devices.

Increased Torque
New custom lightweight direct-drive brushless motors provide twice the pan torque of first generation MoVI’s for the most demanding camera movement scenarios.

Internal Wiring
Updated wiring is now strain relieved and internally routed, preventing potential damage to cables and enhancing reliability in a variety of weather conditions.

Go from handheld to aerial in less than 60 seconds; with dual GPS antennas, lightweight construction, high torque motors, and an integrated FIZ driver, the MoVI PRO is unmatched in aerial performance.

Versatile Camera Rail
The addition of dovetails, revised camera mounts, easier top mounting, and a wide-body design results in an ultra versatile lightweight camera rail that can easily be mounted and removed.

Rugged System
Designed as a precision instrument with the toughness to withstand every environment from the set to the outdoors, including water resistance.

Power – Intelligent Batteries – Brand new MVI Pro Battery Packs come with built in power indicators, intelligent battery management systems, and a refined new design. – Hot Swapping – One handed battery swaps and hot swapping are now possible through a redesigned battery system which is built to keep the MoVI Pro shooting continuously. – Camera and Accessory Power – Using the combined power of two 22.2V batteries; the MVI Pro can power itself, the camera, and more for over an hour before swapping.

Refined new software allows the MoVI Pro to find optimal stiffness and filter settings on a button push, within seconds. While the system can be further tuned manually, the new self-tuning algorithm makes the tuning process much more automated and accurate from thestart.

REDLink Command Protocol
Integrated REDLink Command Protocol grants users full control over RED EPIC and SCARLET camera adjustments, even when the user is hundreds of feet away from the mounted camera.

FIZ Control
Utilising the world’s smallest fully integrated 3-axis FIZ controller, the MoVI Pro reduces shooting weight and FIZ setup time with all industry standard motors

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